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  • London gets ‘Luxury Crisps’ – that’s Posh Potato Chips for the rest of us

    May 18, 2011 | Posted by

    I used to believe that luxury has pretty much entered every possible market and product that it possibly could. And then I come across these potato chips that cost 4 pounds a bag ($6.50) for a bag of 190 grams (0.4 pounds). The price mark up is to prove that San Nicasio is indeed an authentic Spanish delicacy ; but the fact that lends credence to their price is that the San Nicasio patatas fritas are handmade using extra virgin olive oil, Catalan potatoes and Himalayan pink salt.

    The San Nicasio chips are going to be the priciest ones on the market in Britain and analysts are as yet divided whether such an expensive offering in a crowded market makes any sense. We dont know how good these taste , but the description is definitely mouth watering.