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  • Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll : iCEO

    March 16, 2012 | Posted by

    A Billion dollars in death taxes may be how we remember Steve Jobs (unless you went and purchased one of these Steve Jobs edition Goldgenie iPhones) but other then that there is pretty much nothing to pay homage to this adored guru of legions of Apple fanboys.

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll

    Well these legions can now rejoice and do so by indulging in something that Steve would approve of – consumerism. Simply head on to Throwboy to purchase one of these limited edition Steve Jobs dolls (which also honor the time tested tradition of Apple by being named iCEO). Only 1200 such dolls are to be created. The doll is a splitting image of the tech guru in his last days (while still healthy) by being dressed in blue jeans, black turtleneck with running shoes complete with a pair of Gandhi glasses.

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll_02

    The iCEO will have 10% of its proceeds being donated to the American Cancer society. Apple has never looked kindly upon those trying to cash into the image of Steve, so it is unlikely that Throwboy are going to be shipping these babies for long. So get one while you still can. At $60 a pop for a limited edition doll, its not a bad deal at all.

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll_03

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll_04

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll_05

    Limited Edition Steve Jobs Doll_06