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  • Kim Kardashian goes bling bling on her Rolls Royce

    July 13, 2011 | Posted by

    Talk about Bling Love ! Not content with merely having a ride that happens to cost $250,000 – a Rolls Royce Ghost ; Kim ordered custom silver wheels for her ride so that her chariot ensures that she is riding on silver.

    The wheels that cost her a cool $7000 were done by Platinum Motorsport in West Hollywood. She even changed her interior ceiling color as well as added LED lights for the front of her car along with new panelling.

    We failed utterly at getting a photo of her now blinged out ride , but for some reason we cant get the idea that LEDs on a Rolls would look good at all. Silver Wheels we can still live with. But if she was really serious about the bling, she ought to have taken a look at these diamond encrusted tires. Granted, they are not meant for her ride – but if you spread the dough enough then you never have to listen to no for an answer.

    Perhaps she just wanted to make sure that the ‘Ghost’ lived up to its name with its silver wheels! The rumor mills are however churning that Kim is already in the market for a new car – a sporty one this time to add to her collection.

    Star Magazine