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  • James Bond Rolex to be auctioned for $450,000

    October 18, 2011 | Posted by

    While that price is the higher side of what they expect ; the lowest estimate for this watch is $230,000. The Rolex is the 5513 from the movie Live and Let Die (see video below). As with all of James Bond Watches, this one too is a gadget that has special alterations done to it. It has a Rolex and a high intensity magnetic bullet shield.

    James Bond Rolex Watch

    Given that those features were only special effects and far from real, we hope you too will be happy with your imagination being able to complete the effects even after you shell out the nearly half a million dollars for it.

    To be sold along with this James Bond Rolex are its original drawings by Christie’s.

    Something we could not resist adding :