• “I Am Wealthy” the World’s most expensive Iphone app for 10,000 dollars

    March 12, 2011 | Posted by

    “I Am Wealthy” the World’s most expensive iPhone app was released yesterday, for 10,000 dollars by the Houston, Texas based company called App Mania!

    So if you’re rich and want to enjoy the pricey resources of this app, get on and download this unique app. A status symbol or stamp for the very prosperous high-tech generation, each download will be personalized with the owner’s name, dated and numbered!

    Apps are a plenty these days, but seldom one which makes you sit up and take note for their novelty and functionality – and “I Am Wealthy”, will be a milestone app, in this regard.

    Try visiting the online store http://www.app-mania.com for more on the exciting apps from App Mania. App Mania.Com is a site where developers can create and upload applications without owning an Apple computer.


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