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  • Hublot presents the Antikythera Watch : A Millenia Old Design

    October 15, 2011 | Posted by

    Hublot, which recently hogged the headlines for announcing an unbelievable $5 Million Watch, has managed to recreate the famed Antikythera mechanism – in a wristwatch of all things. The Antikythera is an amazingly accurate astronomical computer (made by gears, no electronics then!) that was built by the ancient Greeks. The mechanism of which, was in fact was so accurate, that when first researched, experts refused to believe that it could even be done. It has at times even been compared to being a greater treasure for humanity then the Mona Lisa. For those who are interested, the Wikipedia entry is a must read.

    Hublot Antikythera Watch

    While we admit, that this may fall short of Hublot’s usual offering which consists of gold, diamonds and platinum ; but in our opinion, this example of humanity’s ingenuity is far more valuable then even the $5 million watch. Managing to squeeze in the same mechanism without loosing its accuracy such that it may fit on the wrist is a marvel in itself. Besides telling the time, the watch can also show the calender for the Panhellenic games, the Egyptian calender, the Zodiac, the lunar phases and an aperture showing the Sun and Moon ; just as the ancients intended.

    “The team’s first task was to create in a few cubic centimetres what the mechanical engineers of antiquity had developed over several hundreds of cubic centimetres, ensuring that their creation was perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the original mechanism,” a spokesperson for the company said.

    Hublot Antikythera Watch_02

    As far as limited editions go, this one has to be the most exclusive. Only one piece has been created and it wont even be put up for sale. The watch will be presented at the Baselworld watch show in Spring 2012, and then it will be on permanent exhibition at the Musée des Arts et Métiers.

    This lego mechanism video of the Antikythera shows just how difficult it was for the ancients and consequently the engineers at Hublot :