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  • Hublot creates Magic Gold : Scratch Proof Gold

    December 16, 2011 | Posted by

    The only downside of the noble metal that mankind has worshipped over centuries is its propensity to get scratched. Hublot has now worked out a way to create an entirely new type of gold – one that is the world’s first scratch resistant gold.

    Hublot Magic Gold Watch

    A material can get scratched if it is not hard enough. Standard gold can reach 400 on the Vickers hardness scale whereas the Hublot gold has a hardness rating of almost 1000 Vickers. This means that the Hublot gold can only realistically be scratched by diamond.

    While patents are still pending, this gold is actually an alloy with a mixture of ceramic in it. Out of every 1000 parts of this Magic Gold, 750 parts are pure gold while the remaining 250 parts are ceramic. The resulting alloy is still 18 carat gold.

    Hublot has now passed the experimental stage for its new gold and acquired the means to produce the new material entirely on its own, thanks to a high-tech foundry. The alloy is a result of three years of research and it is hoped that Magic Gold becomes the future material of choice for designers as well as jewellers.

    The first watches made from Magic Gold will be presented at BaselWorld 2012.

    Hublot Magic Gold Watch_02