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  • HP Marchesa – The Swarovski Bling Laptop for Charity

    September 14, 2011 | Posted by

    Staunch believers in bling shall be relieved to know that bling is still very much ‘hot’ in the industry. While we are apologetic for the dearth of bling related posts that we have been doing in the last few days, we hope that the HP Marchesa laptop shall make some amends.

    Designer Marchesa has teamed up with HP to create these laptops with intricate patterns of Swarovski crystals. The duo have announced and displayed the laptops at the ongoing Mercedes Benz Fashion week. The laptops shall be strictly limited edition (they have not disclosed the numbers) and available in underlying colors of white and black.

    Prices have not been announced since the laptops are to be auctioned for charity. That is all well and good, but buyers do need to consider that HP has already announced that they shall be exiting the PC / Laptop making business shortly. That may lead to some speculation on the kind of support / parts that you may want to buy at a later date. Unless of course your idea of a lifetime for the laptop is just as long as the warranty period holds.