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  • Hershey’s mouth-watering Kiss Jewelry Collection

    May 28, 2009 | Posted by

    There couldn’t be a better way to please your girl than this. And if your lady has a fetish for chocolates then it’s just getting better. Well, the classic Hershey’s Kiss shape is an icon. With the name being synonymous with love it was almost obvious for the company to introduce something in the line of jewelry.


    The new collection by World Trade Jewelers, which celebrates the Hershey’s Kiss and is the official Hershey’s Kiss jewelry line, is showcasing this week in Las Vegas at JCK, and is available in NYC this summer at Peachtree Jewelers, Golden Nugget Jewelers, AOL/Time Warner Center, and The Plaza Hotel — priced from $499 – $7999. The Hershey’s Kiss collection, including the Medium Hershey’s Kiss Pendant, 1.66ct, $3,995 (above), will be available nationwide in the fall.