• Henry Moore creates a record sale with £19.1 million sculpture

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    Making for the highest ticket price that any sculpture by a British artist has ever sold, The Reclining Figure Festival that was originally commissioned by the Arts Council for the Festival of Britain in 1951 has sold for a stunning 19.1 million pounds. The previous record was held by Damien Hirst , not for his legendary Love of God or even Heaven’s Sake . Rather it was a much plainer The Golden Calf that sold for £10.3 million in 2008.

    A £19.1 Million Sculpture

    Unfortunately Moore is no longer around (having expired in 1986) to see his art being so highly acclaimed. The original estimate by Christie’s was £3.5 million.

    The top 5 British Sculptures are as follows :

    1 Henry Moore, Reclining Figure: Festival, 1951. Bronze. £19.1 million last night.

    2 Damien Hirst, The Golden Calf, 2008. Calf with 18-carat gold horns and hooves in formaldehyde in a case. £10.3 million, September 2008

    3 Damien Hirst, Lullaby Spring, 2002. Stainless steel and glass cabinet with painted cast pills. Sold £9.65 million, June 2007

    4 Damien Hirst, The Kingdom, 2008. Tiger shark in formaldehyde in a case. £9.56 million, September 2008

    5 Henry Moore, Draped Reclining Woman. Bronze.
    Sold £4.3 million, June 2008

    A £19.1 Million Sculpture_02

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