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  • Haworth launches conference table with all cool features

    March 19, 2009 | Posted by

    Haworth has been designing classy office furniture since quite a long time. This time they have come up with a high-tech conference table designed by Albert Holz, which will fulfill all your requirements. The ‘Audience’ is integrated with every bit of media technology that you need for an impressive presentation, including: speakers, vertically retractable power socket and a fold-away projector unit neatly tucked into it.


    “Audience” is “a la carte” customized answer to every business needs from Haworth. Your wish is their command. You can get it customized to fit a double-sided screen for each participant if video projection is not what you go with for your routine presentations. So, depending on your configuration, it may include a central unit, a video projector. The table boasts high-end craftsmanship in your choice of wood to make your office space an environment-friendly space. All the equipment is hidden from sight, but quickly glides out in a matter of few seconds with its swivel-action power supply panel. You can co-ordinate all the electronic equipment by a remote control. The techie features will definitely help you give smarter presentations. Oh but there is just one problem: The Company’s online support system is reported to be quite inadequate so keep that in mind and buy it.