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  • Half a Billion Dollars for Beyonce Knowles to be on X Factor

    February 3, 2012 | Posted by

    A television show that is basically just a glorious singing competition with people often tuning in to see the judges then the contestants is going to make television history by offering Beyonce a record $500 million to be on the judging panel. If true, this would mean that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z would now have a combined annual income of more then a billion dollars.

    Beyonce On X Factor

    Its not surprising given that the pair have not had to worry about money much – they have been in the news for purchasing a $500,000 vanity van as well as doting on their first born with a diamond encrusted pram amongst other things.

    The $500 million offer will be for a five year contract, meaning $100 million per year. It would still mean that Beyonce becomes the highest paid female entertainer in the world.

    News.au throws us some excellent stats that allow us to understand just how big this sum is –

  • The staggering figure is similar to the gross domestic product (GDP) of an entire small country such as Samoa, who economic output for it’s 183,000 people is approximately $530 million per year.
  • Together, the combined income of baby Ivy Blue’s parents would earn them more than the 168th richest country in the world, just above Liberia.
  • We could not help but put in this video of ‘Superstar’ Beyonce.