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  • Graffiti Artist to get $200 Million after painting Facebook’s Headquarters

    February 3, 2012 | Posted by

    Never in his wildest dreams would artist David Choe have ever thought that his art would one day be called as one of the most expensive paint jobs in the world. When he was approached seven years ago to paint the walls of Facebook’s headquarters , he thought that the entire product ‘Facebook’ was pointless and ridiculous. However he wisely did not turn down the shares which he was offered as payment for his art after being commissioned by Sean Parker, Facebook’s then president.

    Facebook’s Headquarters Walls

    With the upcoming IPO of Facebook (which basically means Facebook will now be traded on the stock market) ; the artist can finally cash in his shares. Over the seven years since he got them, the shares have soared in value to an incredible $200 million. If we consider this to be as payment for David Choe’s art, then the price tag definitely makes it one of the most expensive in the world.

    Facebook’s Headquarters Walls_02

    Facebook has finally filed for a public listing and depending on what the markets think about this ‘pointless and ridiculous product’ ; Facebook could be valued as much as $100 billion USD.

    Seen here is David Choe being helped by Mark Zuckerberg while creating grafitti.

    And if you are interested in the entire Facebook IPO, then CNET has done a great job explaining everything about it –