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  • Gold wrapped Cigars are the luxurious way to Cancer

    March 21, 2012 | Posted by

    At The Rich Times, we certainly do not endorse smoking – something that should have been apparent from the title of this post. Nevertheless, we are duty bound to report a ‘Gold Torpedo Cigar’ when it is made with 24 carat gold leaf.

    Gold Torpedo Cigar

    The Gold Torpedo involves wrapping smooth gold leaves onto a Red Label cigar and convincing the world that 80% of this cigars flavor comes from gold. Each cigar takes a painstaking 45 minutes to wrap in a process that includes carefully sandpapering the wrappers beforehand to make them even smoother. The cigars are made by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, one of the world’s oldest gold-leaf manufacturers.

    All DM 2 Gold Torpedo’s are made to a single size and priced at $200 each. A signed and numbered (limited edition) burlwood travel humidor is sold at a discounted rate of $1000. The humidor contains 5 cigars.

    So while we hope you don’t smoke, if you must do it as a once in a lifetime experience then the Gold Torpedo is definitely the way to go. Mind you though, that owing to the high flashpoint of gold, you would best light up this beauty with a butane torch. The cigar itself, a Nicaraguan puro, consists of a full-bodied Jalapa filler blend, a milder Estelí binder, and, underneath the gold leaf, a rich Cuban-seed wrapper that has been aged five years. The cigar is hand rolled in Nicaragua under the supervision of Manuel Quesada, using tobaccos grown by Nestor Plasencia. Its rich flavors brim with coffee intermixed with cinnamon and a hint of citrus in the finish.

    Richard Hacker of the Robb Report mentions that gold despite its allure is not the best material to coat a cigar with. To put it simply, in his own words, while tobacco breathes, gold does not. The burn rate of this otherwise easy-drawing cigar is impeded, requiring numerous relightings or constant puffing, which makes the tobacco smoke hotter.

    The best part of smoking this gold cigar is the fine golden ash that it leaves behind; besides the ash it also leaves behind a feeling of finally having arrived in life and a tick on one of the things that one needs to do once in a lifetime.

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