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  • Gold Plated Private Jet of the Ukrainian President

    February 20, 2012 | Posted by

    Millionaires catering to their whims and fancies are nothing new. In fact one of the most popular articles on this site was that of Mr. Trump’s $100 Million ‘Boy Toy’ . However an elected representative going to town by spending tax money on lavish luxuries such as interiors that are gold plated in his private aircraft ? Definitely a great way to loose the next election. That is exactly what happened to President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko who was replaced by current President Viktor Yanukovych.

    Gold Plated Private Jet

    Wisely, the current president has decided to continue using the jet that his predecessor ordered instead of spending any more tax money on getting a more down to earth plane. The А-319-115XCJ is a state-of-the-art fifth-generation aircraft. There is an office on board, a conference room, a kitchen, compartments for delegates, luggage and a rest area.

    Gold Plated Private Jet_02

    The interior of the jetliner is upholstered in beige. The panels, tables and cabinets are made of light lacquered wood. Lamps, the interior of the bedroom area and the bathroom are gold-plated. Hanging above the bed is a gold framed mirror. The bedroom area is upholstered with expensive Jacquard fabric. The faucet and the sink in the bathroom are gold-plated too. The sink is made of pink marble.

    Gold Plated Private Jet_03

    The aircraft cost a whopping $90 million to the nation and took specialists 3 years to build.

    Gold Plated Private Jet_04

    Gold Plated Private Jet_05

    Gold Plated Private Jet_06

    Gold Plated Private Jet_07

    Gold Plated Private Jet_08