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  • German billionaire bought a $100mn megayacht and cut employee wages

    April 2, 2009 | Posted by

    German billionaire, Reinhold Wurth might not be in the good books of his employees right now. The screw manufacturer (#93 on the Forbes 2009 list) who has put his factory workers on short-time and cut their wages has bought himself a luxury megayacht according to DailyMail.

    german billionaire.jpg

    The wealthy entrepreneur has, according to Spiegel Online, ordered 1,250 of his 5,000 employees in Germany to reduce their working hours and take a 15 percent pay cut as of April 1. The rest of his workers are being forced to take a solidarity pay cut of five percent. At the same time, though, the convicted tax evader also celebrated the christening of his new super yacht, the “Vibrant Curiosity”. At the $100 million yacht’s launch party, Reinhold Wurth is said to have asked guests at the yacht’s launching party to be “discreet.” The yacht has a master stateroom, VIP stateroom, three double VIP staterooms and two double guest cabins and can zip along at 18.5 knots.

    germa billionaire yacht.jpg