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  • Gebson Sky and Earth Dragon Watch: a blend of fine art and traditional watch making

    June 11, 2009 | Posted by

    Gebson, a new Swiss watch brand was proud to launch its first wristwatch collection bringing together cultural symbolisms and 100% Swiss made watch-making art. Based in Neuchatel, the goal of the brand will be to mix fine art with traditional watch making and to capture beautiful cultural art in modern timepieces.


    The watch featured here is part of Gebson’s Sky and Earth collection. The dragon symbolizes strength and power. Along side what looks like red enamel, a gold engraved oriental dragon is finely rendered along with a burst of flame around the date dial that is meant to represent the sun (Sky). The Earth part of the collection is a tiger features on another watch. The watch case looks to be in 18k yellow gold, while the bezel is covered in diamonds and likely rubies. I really liked the concept. What say?