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  • Gaddafi rewarded staff with Gold Watches featuring his own face

    April 6, 2011 | Posted by

    Any psychiatrist who has studied human behavior will tell you that a dictator is necessarily one who has an ego larger than planet earth. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi proves that this is necessarily true.

    The Libyan dictator who is now under UN and NATO Air Strikes after killing his own people to enforce his rule used to gift his staff gold watches which featured his own face every year. The gold watches would feature Gaddafi dressed in military uniform and saluting on the dial. These would be given out every year on the 1st of September to celebrate the day when Gaddafi took office.

    Everyone who worked in his residency benefited from Gaddafi’s legacy. We have no idea how much these watches were actually worth – but since its unlikely that any more will be produced – or even that Gaddafi will last in Libya leave alone staying in power on the coming first of September ; we think that these should be worth a fortune to collectors. Gadaffi has been known to enjoy a retinue of foreign blonde nurses , some of whom are said to have entire collection of these watches since they have been in his pay for several years.

    The Telegraph