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  • Gaddafi Junior shows us what a Luxury Home really means

    August 26, 2011 | Posted by

    While the rest of Libya grovelled in poverty, the billions of dollars that was being generated as oil revenue was going straight to the personal accounts of the Gadaffi’s. This meant that they could enjoy themselves in unheard of luxury (by Libyan standards) while the rest of the nation could go to the dogs.

    Luxury Home

    Discovered by the rebels in Tripoli is an exclusive coastal resort which is basically a vast complex of houses for Gaddafi’s children and his closest advisors. Each of the houses was equipped with a hot-tub, and the complex also boasted several swimming pools, a scuba diving school and a horse-riding stable complete with a show-jumping circuit.

    Luxury Home_02

    Designer furniture, large flat screen televisions and sound systems that would be the envy of any self respecting club were just some of the features that the rebels came across while looting the houses. Each house had three inch reinforced steel doors to protect against intruders. What the Gadaffis clearly did not foresee was such a massive uprising against them.

    Luxury Home_03

    It seems that the Daily Mail has hit upon a jackpot of images from inside Tripoli including a cache of alcohol – haraam under Islam which included some of the best alcohol in the world that was being used for partying.

    Luxury Home_04

    Luxury Home_05

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