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  • First Letter Home from Marilyn to be auctioned

    April 18, 2011 | Posted by

    When Marilyn wasn’t herself but rather a house maker who was known as Norma Jean, a wife who thought the world of her husband and loved keeping house for him. That’s when she wrote this letter to her guardian and a close friend of her mother – Gladys Baker.

    A few quotes from the letter –

    “It really keeps me busy cleaning this house and fixing meals.”

    “Everybody told me that it is quite a responsibility being a housewife and, boy, I’m finding it out, but it really is a lot of fun”

    “I just think the world of him and we get along so nicely. He is just so sweet about every little thing.” while describing her husband James Dougherty whom she married as a 16 year old.

    “We sure have a cute little house. I’m going to take a picture of it and will send it to you.”

    The letter is to be auctioned in the coming week at Bonham’s in Los Angeles and is expected to fetch about 20,000 pounds (32,500$).

    We now have confirmation that the letter in fact sold for $52,460 – a lot higher then expected. No details were released about the buyer.

    If you are a big fan of Monroe and would like to be besides her for posterity, that can be arranged too. As with everything else, you just need to be able to afford it. About 3 Million dollars ought to do it (though the price may have appreciated since).

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