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  • Ferrari plans Loyal Owner Club for the Elite

    November 22, 2011 | Posted by

    Given that Ferrari comes up with more limited edition cars then regular edition ones (or at least the deluge of press releases from Ferrari certainly make us think so) ; a collectors club may be a great idea. It allows Ferrari to give its customers the right to say no to purchasing a limited edition offering. However this club is open only to elite Ferrari owners. And if you thought that simply owning a Ferrari was sufficient to get you into that club then you thought wrong. The club is expected to be open to only those loyal customers who own at least 5 Ferrariā€™s. This means that globally only about 300 people will be able to actually call themselves members of this elite club.

    Ferrari Loyal Owner Club

    The loyal owner club gives the members right of first refusal on special-series Ferrari cars. The idea was brought about after some Ferrari owners were disappointed when they were unable to purchase the Ferrari SA Aperta (production of which was limited to only 80 units globally). The model was in honour of the 80th anniversary of the Italian design house Pininfarina, which has styled almost all production Ferrari models since 1951.

    The new Ferrari Club is expected to prevent such discord amongst its faithful buyers by rewarding them for their loyalty by giving the the first right to purchase all limited edition cars in the future (subject to paying full price of course).