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  • Fantastic jewelry by Francesca Furzi

    May 27, 2009 | Posted by

    Francesca Furzi is a talented designer who lives in Turin and her first collection is the outcome of the road she has taken in life, her studies and the experiences that characterize her personal style. She was born in a place where they maintain a strong connection with ancient artefacts and traditional work and craftsmanship: Tuscany.



    The first collection of Francesca Furzi seeks the eternity of beauty, a search that is handed down by the antiquity, crossing the roads of the most ancient civilizations because the jewel has reached us from distant epochs. Every jewel is fruit of a search influenced by the art of sculpture, from the concreteness of the technical sketch, from the harmony of the forms of the automobile, from the fashions, but also from history and other cultures. The collection of Francesca Furzi is a limited edition and each piece is numbered. Produced entirely in Italy, handcrafted with passion and commitment by experienced hands, her jewelry has a fresh and attractive look.