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  • Fancy a Castle Mate ? There’s one up for sale in Scotland!

    May 13, 2011 | Posted by

    The oldest inhabited castle in Scotland is about to come under new ownership. I would have jumped at the chance to be the king of my castle in the true sense, were it not for the expected price tag of £8 million ($13 million USD). Its actually a steal when compared to some of the obscene prices demanded for residences in the States ; but as with any sort of real-estate even luxurious real estate, its all about location, location and location.

    Scotland Oldest Inhabited Castle

    This picturesque castle definitely doesn’t let you down on location ; but for city dwellers who enjoy a fast pace of life the 260 acres that surround it may be too much to bear. That’s of course not including the 1000 acres of farmland and fields that would also transfer ownership.

    The castle was built way back in 1105 and its definitely an integral part of Scottish history. The castle has been beautifully maintained and current owners hope that the it will remain so.

    Owners Luke and Caroline Borwick are selling the luxurious estate to spend time with their family and divide their time between England and overseas.

    Here is a treat for you if you have never seen Scotland before, its a breathtakingly beautiful country.

    And Scottish Castles in general