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  • Faberge gears up for Mothers Day

    February 29, 2012 | Posted by

    Faberge has moved into the highest possible gear as far as product publicity goes. Scarcely have we seen the end of all the Valentines promotions (not to mention Easter) that Faberge have already moved on to the next big even on the calendar – Mothers Day. An entire new collection has been designed for Mother’s Day by Faberge. The bejeweled egg pendants (in characteristic Faberge style) will be made of fine gold with personalised messages.

    Faberge New Collection For Mothers Day

    The collection introduces three types of eggs – the Oeuf Nina, Oeuf Duchess and Oeuf Spirale.

    The Oeuf Nina expresses delicate feminine charm and is offered in soft coral pink and rich bottle green with either white or yellow gold immaculately enameled over guilloché engraving, and ornamented with a delicate floral motif traced in white diamonds.

    Faberge New Collection

    The Oeuf Duchess Impératrice offers an array of intense color in emerald green, regal blue and crimson pink set in white or rose gold with diamonds. This egg design interprets the playful rococo style, a favorite influence and inspiration to Peter Carl Fabergé.

    The Oeuf Spirale involves a fluid, linear design echoing the beauty of nature. The Spirale is available in a rose gold with diamonds, or white gold with diamonds.