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  • Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle can be in your garage for $86k

    June 25, 2009 | Posted by

    Stop thinking it’s a concept car because its not. You can actually park this car in your garage. Floridian Mike Vetter, who runs a car-customizing company simply called The Car Factory, stripped down a Chevy Aveo to its frame, replacing the exterior with this otherworldly shell, complete with gull-wing doors.


    This car dubbed the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or ETV, really does exist. And you can buy it. You can even order for an ETV built around Porsche Boxter, so that you can enjoy the real thrill of driving an alien car. The Chevy Aveo ETV was listed on eBay for a hefty $86,000. The listing page has been taken down for unknown reasons, but if you are interested, you can contact the company directly.