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  • Elizabeth Taylor Charity Final Tally $150 Million

    December 19, 2011 | Posted by

    It took not one but several auctions for the treasures that Liz Taylor accumulated over a lifetime to be sold. Wonders included the Taj Mahal diamond as well as an unmatched collection of diamonds that is unique in the world. After her death, it was announced that her jewelry was to be auctioned and a part of which to be given to her favorite charities.

    Elizabeth Taylor $150 Million Charity

    Accordingly, an event which took place over four days in New York called as The Elizabeth Taylor Collection helped in selling most of her prized possessions. These included a leather bound film script of National Velvet – which went for a whopping 50 times its expected price (sold at $170,000) and a necklace that went for a record $11.8 million dollars. Also sold in the same even were haute couture, memorabilia, furniture as well as other jewelry. A tally of $150 million for a character that ruled over the silver screen is a fabulous amount. We applaud Liz Taylor for her capacity to do good for the world even in her death.

    From one diamond lover to another, we bid you adieu Liz. We shall remember and love you forever. Rest in peace.

    Seen here is the Elizabeth Taylor Collection that was a traveling exhibit until it culminated in a series of auctions (Christies) at New York.