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  • Donald Trump inaugurates the tallest building in Latin America – A $430 Million Luxury Resort

    July 14, 2011 | Posted by

    Love him or hate him – you simply cannot ignore the man who recently offered to design a $100 million ball room for the White House. The sail shaped structure (inspired from Burj?) is a resort and residential building. The structure stands 284 meters – 932 feet tall and has been built in Panama. Called as the Trump Ocean Club, the building supposedly reflects the modern sensibility of the new generation of luxury travel.

    The cheapest room costs $300 per night and homes sell for $250,000 to $1 million – a large sum for Panama. The building represents an investment of $430 million and contains 47 suites, 37 elevators, a spa, marina, casino and an island with a private beach.

    The first Trump project outside the United States has already won Trump a lot of gratitude from Panamians who are revelling in a real estate boom thanks to the tower.

    Other features include a 900-square-meter (9,690-square-foot) terrace with an oceanfront pool, personalized butler service and a convention center stretched across 4,200 square meters (45,210 square feet).