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  • Doctor Who brings the TARDIS to Earth in Limited Edition Monopoly Game

    May 2, 2011 | Posted by

    Sure, its not made of gold or ivory – but it still made its way on to The Rich Times. Sue us if you must, but there was no way that we could not write about this limited edition board game given that it has one of the pioneers of time travelling super heroes (well almost) Doctor Who.

    Only 5000 of these limited edition sets are to be made and it supposedly features all the heroes, planets and villains that we stayed up to watch on those late night British TV shows.

    Retailing for $45 when it does get there, Doctor Who is not yet sure if he will be able to land in the USA. It all depends on the notoriously finicky TARDIS. After all, maybe it travelled back in time and this limited edition game is already launched and sold out even before you read this article.

    Doesn’t make sense? Well, time travel seldom does. If you would rather have a luxurious board game as a conversation starter, may we guide you to the first luxury board game ever?