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  • Diamonds of a Russian Empress on Sale

    November 12, 2011 | Posted by

    While diamonds of any size and sort earn you some extremely cool bragging rights, these rights are multiplied many fold when these stones have previously belonged to an Empress (Queen Catherine in this case). Sotheby’s is holding an auction which includes a diamond set from none other then the wife of Peter the Great of Russia. the set contains a necklace, brooch as well as earrings that date right back from the 19th century. As if that were not enough, the history lesson continues with this gorgeous set which is supposed to be a gift from the Ottoman Turk Sultan Abdul Hamid II to an Egyptian Princess (after the Russians gave them to the Turks following a war which they had lost). If all this sounds interesting, you could probably read up all about it over at Sotheby’s. However to summarise, the legend says that during the Prut campaign in 1711 when Russian troops were surrounded the future wife of Peter the Great saved her husband and the army giving her jewels to Sultan Ahmed III thus inducing him to sign a truce.

    Queen Catherine Diamond Set

    The diamond set is valued at no less then $10 million. For once, it is not the quality of diamonds which ask for this price but rather the rich history behind these jewels. This lot amongst others goes on sale on November 16 in Geneva at the auction organized by Sotheby’s Genève.

    Diamond Set