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  • Cartier Logotype Decor USB Key : Luxury in Tech is now possible

    June 10, 2011 | Posted by

    Unlike the Gold blinged and diamond studded devices which was the only way in which luxury was possible in technology ; Cartier is now trying another way to barge into the market. Its a plain simple memory stick with absolutely no justification for its price (which at $800 is possible the highest ever for a simply 4 GB stick).

    However if Cartier manages to sell its bags on just the basis of its name, then a USB memory stick is not a big gamble. In any case, given that the manufacturing cost of these memory sticks is a few cents a piece, Cartier does not need to bother about this product not flying off the shelves either.

    At least they could have made it one of the higher end memory sticks of at least 32 GBs. We might just have recommended it for those with class. But at the current capacity, we would not even do that.