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  • Cadillac CUE shows us the future of Luxury

    October 15, 2011 | Posted by

    Its not often that we get to see something of the future of Luxury – after all gold, diamonds and money can only be represented in so many ways. Technology though, continues to make strides and in cases like the Cadillac is put to good use to ensure that the most luxurious of experiences is available for the user. The Cadillac CUE or Cadillac User Experience consists of an all-new navigation, information and multimedia system. Every model in the Caddy line-up getting the system by 2015, so lets see what makes it so special and anticipated.

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future

    The system is powered by some high end computing power and interacts with the user with voice commands as well as two displays. One of them is an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen mounted in the center console while another one is a 12.3-inch customizable display placed behind the steering wheel. A capacitive touchscreen is what smart phones such as the iPhone have been using since years now. However due to engineering shortfalls, the same systems could not be adapted into cars – until now.

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_02

    Thanks to the capacitive touchscreens, a lot of buttons have just gone on – screen. This reduces the requirement for more electronics as well as buttons being worn out. In a very Applesque manner, when the central screen is not being used, elements fade into the background and only appear when the system senses the driver’s hand is within eight inches of the screen. The menus can be swiped, pinched and flicked through.

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_03

    The CUE also allows users to boast of the worlds first truly customisable instrument panel. Drivers can select one of four different displays to suit their needs and driving habits, each with custom-selected elements that spans the spectrum from minimalist to info-overload.

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_04

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_05

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_06

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_07

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_08

    Cadillac CUE Luxury Future_09

    Once switched off, all the panels and buttons evaporate into the black of the car – makes for an extremely cool effect, one that is absolutely from the future. The video below does full justice to the system.