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  • Buckingham Palace – A Luxury Hotel soon?

    October 25, 2011 | Posted by

    If sources are to be believed, you may soon be able to sleep in the Queens chambers , enjoying a feeling of being royalty even if it is just for the night. Royals in India have long since taken to converting their palaces into luxury hotels where such offerings have been lapped up by travellers eager to live a life of regalty. Prince Charles does not necessarily think this to be a bad idea and is reportedly considering doing the same with Buckingham Palace once he becomes King.

    Buckingham Palace

    The Palace could be converted into a hotel or a centre for events while the King and his progeny would base themselves at Windsor castle. Obviously, the stiff upper lip of the British has ensured that there is no official word of the same, nor would it be possible to know unless he actually became King ; but the rumours are definitely flying. So just keep logging in to The Rich Times, rest assured you shall be amongst the first to know if the Buckingham opens for bookings.

    Prince Charles