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  • British Prime Minister has a personalised iPad App Made for £20,000

    March 5, 2012 | Posted by

    Needless to say it also takes with it the tag of being the most expensive iPad app ever. ‘Features’ of the app include allowing the Prime Minister – Mr. David Cameron access to Whitehall stats as well as live updates from the city.

    British Prime Minister's iPad App Made For £20,000

    The PM would also be able to keep himself posted on the latest news through websites such as the BBC. One need not bother thinking why the PM could not simply use the free app that most news services are providing for iPads. The exchequer which is paying for the app may be rewarded by a more basic version which would be put out for the general public. However this will be a paid version, for those who want a feel of the PMs work life.

    The app was apparently inspired from the U.S. and will also provide real time information on crime statistics, unemployment figures as well as NHS (National Health Service ) waiting list figures.

    IT experts in the UK took months to design this app and it is expected to be ready for use by later this month (March 2012). At £20,000 ($31,612) , the app takes precedence over the I am wealthy iPhone app that sells for just $10,000.

    The Sun