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  • Boston Bruins celebrate the Stanley Cup win with a $156k bar tab including a $100k bottle of Champagne

    June 21, 2011 | Posted by

    Modesty and keeping your emotions in control are definitely NOT the things to do in 2011. After winning the Stanley cup last week, the Boston Bruins went all out to celebrate and painted the town red. Their bottle of champagne itself cost a whopping $100,000. The Ace of Spades by Armand de Brignac, which has always managed to land itself on the pages of this blog – previously at a new years party and earlier by another unknown European gentleman is now in the news once again. Each bottle takes about six months to create since each is hand crafted by eight expert glass artisans.

    Boston Bruins Celebrate With Champagne

    The bottle holds a stunning 30 liters of champagne (making it a bit more value for money then you may have thought). As of now there were only six bottles in the world – which have now reduced to five.

    Also included in the final $156,000 bar tab were a mind boggling 136 Bud Light beers.

    Boston Bruins Celebration