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  • Bombay Sapphire’s New Ad-Campaign 75,000 diamonds : Redefines Bling

    April 26, 2011 | Posted by

    A brand of gin, that’s known for its sapphire blue colored bottle in which it is sold – Bombay Sapphire is getting a new blingy ad campaign. It makes sense given that the gin derives its name from the days when gin was a popular drink in India and the name refers to the ‘Star of Bombay’. The gem itself is a 182 carat violet-blue colored sapphire – a beautiful specimen of a gem, which is currently with the Smithsonian Institute.

    Given such blingy origins, illustrator Yehrin Tong and photographer Richard Foster decided to make use of bling in order to capture the essence, character, timeless elegance, luxury and craftsmanship of the alcohol brand.

    More than 75,000 crystals were painstakingly applied using manual labor to create the installation for the ad-campaign. It took more than 2500 hours of labor over a course of 9 months to create.

    We give you a sneak peek at the result without further comment

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