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  • Bolla’s Collection Ossuary : Death by Bling

    April 18, 2011 | Posted by

    For an artist who is fascinated by death, Nicola Bolla certainly does not subscribe to the theory that death must be dark and shades of black. In fact Nicola goes over board o ensure that death is as bright and blingy as possible. The collection named as ‘Ossuary’ which as Google tells me is an object used to contain bones is certainly macabre.

    The collection consists of blinged human remains utilising Swarovski crystals as well as an AK-47 rifle which too has been blinged to kingdom come.

    The Italian sculptor is actually a doctor and has been known to create disturbing objects for his art. Ossuary for example consists of 15 pieces which include skull, ribcage, as well as bones.

    If you must be fascinated by blinged skulls, then may we recommend the Pirates of the Carribbean collection ? Its a lot more acceptable by mainstream society then these pieces of art. But if you wont take our word for it, head for the Milan Design week where the collection is on display.

    Mail Online