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  • Blackberry 9900 from CrystalRoc

    October 10, 2011 | Posted by

    We featured the Blackberry 9900 that was done up in the usual fabulous style by Amosu Couture last week. Crystalroc has decided to up the ante by also offering a limited edition of only 12 pieces of the 9900. Each Blackberry shall be dipped in platinum (we hope, for the berries sake that Crystalroc does not mean this literally!) and then embedded with 5000 individual swarovski chatons (crystals).

    Blackberry 9900 From CrystalRoc

    Each Blackberry 9900 that is a strictly limited edition shall retail for £1200 or $1800. Still think its too expensive? Well, you may just get away with the Blackberry Bold 9900 that gets you the bling without the brand name with one that retails for just $635. The cost does not include that of the instrument itself, but then these guys do have a business to run too.

    CrystalRoc Blackberry 9900

    Get the CrystalRoc Blackberry 9900 from CrystalRoc here.