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  • Black Swan unveils a 1,999,999 RMB Wedding Cake

    November 11, 2011 | Posted by

    As far as weddings go, this one certainly does take the cake. Alright, I admit – I could write better copy then this but in my favor I am getting hitched later this week and have had a hard time selecting the perfect wedding cake. Black Swan – for those who have never heard about it is a luxury brand from Holland. However as with every other luxury brand eager to have a slice of the vast Chinese pie whose nationals have just woken up to a deep love for everything lux, they have opened their first shop in Beijing.

    Black Swan Wedding Cake

    In order to make headlines, the shop has created a 1,999,999 RMB Wedding Cake which is about $315,000 in USD. We are not sure how many cakes of this sort have been sold, but they have certainly taken the Chinese market by storm. A recent survey showed that the luxury demand in China is more then the combined demand of the United States and Europe taken together. If that is true, then Black Swan have certainly hit the sweet spot in terms of choosing the right market to launch this cake. However it is far from the most expensive cake – a title which belongs to the Japanese and which took about six months to create.

    Check out Black Swan Cake here.

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