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  • Bill Gates : A Billionaire that truly deserves our respect

    January 14, 2012 | Posted by

    We usually focus on the extravagant expenses that millionaires (or billionaires) make. Be it the most expensive champagne to celebrate or perhaps a $250,000 bar tab in a few hours amongst other things. While its fun to read and think how it would feel to be in the shoes of such super wealthy people ; its even better to see a billionaire with a conscience that matches his bank balance. The founder of Microsoft – a company that has changed the course of humanity (we kid you not) has after retirement given away a whopping $28 BILLION dollars (USD). The amount, while staggering by itself is also worth nearly 50% of what the man’s net worth was.

    Bill Gates

    What the Gates have to show for these $28 Billion is equally impressive. They have used the funds to help cure diseases such as Malaria and Polio in third world nations as well as to solve the hunger problems. As seen in the below infographic (created by Frugaldad) , the efforts of Gates have resulted in the saving of an estimated 5.8 million human lives. No other man, living or dead can lay claim to such an impressive result.

    microsoft infographic

    Source: frugaldad.com