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  • Bentley gives us the most luxurious Backseat Workstation

    March 15, 2012 | Posted by

    Working in a car is not something that anyone looks forward to. It is however a necessity if one intends to make millions in this fast paced world. So until technology gets to making flying cars feasible, Bentley has taken upon itself to create a workstation that is so luxurious that you might just trade in your real office for this one.

    Bentley Mulsanne

    The car has two electrically deployed veneered picnic tables that have a soft hide writing surface on them. The two tables mean you can either multi-task between the two tables or have a colleague / assistant working next to you too. Each of the tables also have hidden iPads integrated into them. The iPads are accessorised and paired with wireless keyboards that can be taken off for a more comfortable position.

    Bentley Mulsanne_02

    A different 15.6 inch display is embedded into the roof of the car and can be controlled via the iPads. The trunk of the Bentley has a Mac Mini for work that is simply not possible on an iPad but requires a complete computer. Additional luxuries include a Tibaldi fountain pen in the armrest for signing those million dollar contracts and obviously a telephone (though we are not given any details on this important feature). The screens can be used in conjunction with the iPad for just about everything (browsing the web, making video calls, playing music , emailing etc).

    Bentley Mulsanne_03

    The interior of the Bentley (the cabin) is made by Mulsanne which takes expert craftsmen more then 170 hours to create. The kind folks even throw in an obligatory bottle of champagne (with space to store) and two flute glasses to immediately toast those million dollar contracts.

    Bentley Mulsanne_04

    Bentley Mulsanne_05

    Bentley Mulsanne_06

    Bentley Mulsanne_07