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  • Bell & Ross – The Limited Edition Red Radar Watch

    October 12, 2011 | Posted by

    This is one for the geeks. If you really dont care about gold and silver and minute moments that are precise , but love your watches to be more ‘fun’ ; then the Bell & Ross watch is definitely for you. Designed to look like a radar screen rather then a watch, it would be easy enough to fool someone into believing that this allows you to keep track of aircraft and submarines in the neighbourhood. As to why you would want to do that; is something that only your 8 year old mind that never really grew up can answer.

    Bell And Ross Red Radar Watch

    A limited edition of merely 999 watches, the red crystal has three concentric disks which emulate a fading radar bean effect. Each watch shall retail for $5500. Interested? Make sure that you are looking for the Radar BR 01 model.

    Bell And Ross Red Radar Watch_02

    Bell And Ross Red Radar Watch_03

    Bell And Ross Red Radar Watch_04