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  • BC-Solo from Bremont : An affordable Luxury in 2011

    April 9, 2011 | Posted by

    It wasn’t always true that luxuries were unaffordable. However in the year 2011 – mankind has procreated to such an extent that daily necessities themselves are nothing short of a luxury. Bremont’s announcement about the BC-Solo then took us by surprise. For a luxury watch brand – and a new one at that, even if its ‘entry level’ , affordability could make the difference between attracting real customers who would like to try and buy rather than just undergo a show and tell at stores.

    The design of the BC-Solo is that of a classical aviation watch (indeed, the company is also an aviation inspired one). If its just a normal watch , why the luxe tag you may be wondering. Well that’s because you still get Bremont’s hardened steel three-part Trip-Tick case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and exhibition case back, and a chronometer grade, Bremont-modified Swiss movement.

    As a result the price of $3950 is delightfully affordable. Its definitely not an attention grabber, Grasso’s diamond range of watches is better suited for the purpose. However the BC-Solo can easily find a place amongst any connoisseurs collection.