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  • Bang & Olufsen Beovision 4-85 : The Most Luxurious TV on the Market

    April 20, 2011 | Posted by

    Given the extremely rapid change that comes with anything related to technology, we generally prefer staying away from gadgets – unless they are made of gold , silver or (preferably and) diamonds. But Bang & Olufsen has convinced us to bend the rules with their latest product for just this once.

    This huge 85 inch 3D TV is the epitome of luxury if you are considering to get one. Its easily one of the largest on the market. Whats more, you can ask the TV to move according to where you are seated. The motorized stand automatically moves the telly to the ideal viewing position. Bang & Olufsen are calling this beast the Beovision 4-85.

    the full HD TV also features a BeoLab 10 central loudspeaker, which uses Acoustic Lens Technology to deliver consistently high-frequency sounds. he 85-inch plasma screen comes encased in a high-grade aluminum frame, and combines anti-reflection coating with automated image controls, to guarantee crystal clear, Full HD viewing at any time of day.

    Be prepared to shell out a staggering sum for having the pleasure of owning this behemoth. B&G have not obliged us by releasing the price just yet.

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