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  • Aston Martin announces Zagato – The Limited Edition Beauty

    February 11, 2012 | Posted by

    Aston Martin generally makes sure that whatever bears their name tag is a sight to behold. The Zagato definitely bears the Aston Martin DNA. This super luxurious vehicle is said to be the best of the Vantage range. Only 150 lucky (and not to mention rich) millionaires will have the pleasure of owning one. Aston Martin plans to launch the Zagato at a price point of £396,000 ($620,000).

    Aston Martin Limited Edition Zagato

    The V12 Zagato originally debuted in May of 2011 and is to be the latest in a history of collaboration between the manufacturer and Italian stylist Zagato. The vehicle is now ready for a production launch.

    Aston Martin Limited Edition Zagato Interior

    Aston Martin Limited Edition Zagato_02

    Aston Martin claims that each Zagato takes about 2000 man hours to complete. The body panels are made from aluminium with carbon fibre to impart toughness to the car yet keep weight to a minimum. The new Zagato comes on the 50th anniversary of the first DB4GT Zagato of 1962.

    If you are in the market for a half million dollar car, the Zagato is the perfect match of an exquisite brand and a gorgeous vehicle for sure.