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  • Armani Dolci Easter Eggs for 2011

    April 19, 2011 | Posted by

    As is now becoming a tradition, Armani and Dolci have again come up with Easter eggs for this season. The chocolate eggs are crafted from the very finest-quality chocolate, are available in a choice of styles: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate (weight: 200 or 700 gr).

    Each egg is identified by the ‘A’ logo, which has been created in a contrasting colour of chocolate. Alternatively, there are scrumptious mini eggs with surprise fillings: dark, milk or white chocolate, as well as an original and subtle combination of milk/mint and honey. Every one of these treats is cocooned in elegant packaging, wrapped in precious paper with a blue silk finish and double-tied up with a soft satin ribbon in the same colour.

    I don’t know about you readers, but that description has been more than sufficient to create a sudden craving for anything chocolate. Just to make sure I infect you with the same cravings, the spring 2011 collection from Armani / Dolci also includes their classic 1kg Colomba Easter cake.

    The confectionery ships all over the world and is already on sale in select stores. If these don’t live up to your expectations of luxury ; then may we suggest the Swarovski Luxurious Easter Eggs – I assure you there are none other better than these.

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