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  • Arcaro Martini designs 24 Karat Gold Whirlpools for the Sheikhs

    December 8, 2011 | Posted by

    Well, not just for the Sheikhs, but as can be expected – its mostly these oil rich businessmen who are able to afford such luxuries of life. After all, its only millionaires who love their bath time who are going to shell out the requisite 50,000 to 80,000 Euros (approximately $100,000) necessary for getting one of these installed.

    Arcaro Martini Gold Whirlpools

    The whirlpools boast of being covered in 24 karat gold, studded with swarovski crystals (sounds uncomfortable!) and covered with leather that has been processed in Italy. Each tub comes with a platinum elite structure and a 5 year guarantee for all electrical and hydraulic parts as well as a 2 year guarantee for the outer coating. Each tub also has a remote control that can summon service assistance across the globe 24/7.

    Arcaro Martini Gold Whirlpools_02

    Seen here are a few of the bathtubs. Features on these babies include things like audio systems complete with sub woofers, custom massages, aromatherapy (all built-in) as well as an iPhone adaptor. Control panels built onto the tub allow the user to control the hot tub in all respects (water temperature, aim the jets, control the force etc). More details on the Arcaro Martini site – the only guys who do handmade luxury spas.

    Arcaro Martini Gold Whirlpools_03