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  • Alex Hope : The man who paid the most expensive bar tab

    March 7, 2012 | Posted by

    Just yesterday we were wondering if we would ever learn the identity of the man who paid the most expensive bar tab in history. Just in case you missed it, the tab was a whopping 200,000 pounds ($314,000). We got the part about Alex being in his twenties right, except that he is just 23 years old. Alex was interested in currencies through out his youth. Obviously, he picked the right hobby because on his first day trading from home (while he worked a job in the hospitality industry); he doubled the 500 pounds in his account by trading gold.

    Alex Hope

    Alex has not looked back since, a fact that is apparent from the size of the bill that he just paid. The press even managed to talk to his mother who said that Alex was ‘a good boy and she hoped he did not drink all the alcohol himself’.

    Alex now lives in a London Docklands apartment and even has his own website – Alex Hope FX.

    Ed’s note: His site seems to have crashed due to the interest generated by his flambouyant act. If Alex hoped to get more clients, then he is bound to get them since he now has more publicity then he could purchase. The $300,000 ‘investment’ may just be another smart move from this young man.