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  • A blessing for every shoe lover: The File-It Shoe Organizer

    January 6, 2011 | Posted by

    If you are as much as a ‘shoeaholic’ as I am, then I bet you face the trouble of searching for your office shoes every morning, the disco shoes every night, the gym shoes in the evening and so on. It’s quite a chore to organize them. So to make this easier for you and me, we have the: File It Shoe Organizer.

    “File it” is available in 2 versions: The compact/modular solution which takes less space and allows more flexibility and the XL filling cabinet. The XL solution provides bigger storage area and allows you to tag all the sections, juts like in a folder. If you live in a crowded flat share community you can easily separate everyone’s shoes by tagging all the names.

    The name tags are stickers that can be easily replaceable when people move out. For the crazy shoes lovers the tagging system allows organizing shoes according to any preferences – (Disco shoes, Gym Shoes, Walking shoes, Summer Shoes … so on).

    The playful color of the product helps to brighten up any dull room and at the same time help all roomies to organize their shoes perfectly.