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  • $70,000 – Price to Hire a Country per night

    April 18, 2011 | Posted by

    If you believed (as did I until a few hours ago) that the most you could buy with money was a small island where no human being lived for hundreds of miles around or a hotel room fit for royals, then you (as was I) are badly mistaken. In this day and age, there seems that there is nothing that money cannot buy. Its only the price that needs to be negotiated.

    Fancy yourself to be a ruler of a country ? No problem, if you have $70,000 for each night that you wish to live out your fantasy. And this is no Disneyland / Theme Park ride either. The principality of Liechtenstein is up for rent for private individuals. For the price, you get to have the police at your beck and call. You even get to have customised street signs and name / feature on your own currency. Just dont expect it to become the norm over the short period that you are renting the nation. Nor can you expect the residents to leave the country just because you happen to be the owner at the moment.

    You can invite upto 150 guests who will be treated like royalty.

    Visitors would be presented with the symbolic key to the state, followed by a wine tasting at the estate of the head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II. Other options include tobogganing, fireworks and carriage rides.

    No one has rented out the principality as yet , but its not for want of demand. Potential suitors are given a detailed look-over. U.S. rapper Snoop Dogg for example was turned down recently when he wished to hire the country for a music video. Apparently he did not give the nation enough time to prepare. One needs to book about 6 months in advance. If you must cancel, then be prepared to do so about a month prior and even then expect to receive only half your money back.

    About Liechtenstein – is a doubly landlocked alpine country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east. Its area is just over 160 kmĀ² (about 61.7 square miles), and it has an estimated population of 35,000. Its capital is Vaduz; the biggest town is Schaan. Liechtenstein has the second highest gross domestic product per person in the world (Wikipedia).

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