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  • $6400 Kohler Numi Toilet

    April 16, 2011 | Posted by

    Its not the first time that you would have heard about these super expensive places to take a crap – the Kohler Numi Loo for $6400 isnt the first and it definitely wont be the last. But have you ever wondered just why exactly these toilets are so uber expensive ?

    Kohler Numi Toilet

    After all , the standard usage of gold and pearls is certainly not applicable in these cases (which is usually how things justify their price tags). The Kohler Numi however justifies its price tag by the pure luxury it provides. The bidet function takes care of cleaning you up once you are done. A touchscreen remote ensures that you can aim properly as well as control the temperature and power with which the water should flow. A dry-warm air blowing fan completes the task.

    Kohler Numi Toilet_02

    Thats not the only thing that you look forward to when you are sitting on the Numi. It keeps you constantly entertained (as if relieving oneself wasn’t a great way of relaxing by itself – sure its gross, but a big dump always makes you feel better. I think I shall stop with the grossness here.)

    The entertainment systems consist of a built-in music system with FM radio and auxiliary input.

    Kohler Numi Toilet_03

    A short video of anything that I may have missed such as auto open and close, heated seats, feet heating and the list goes on.